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    Logic Game
    [ Скачать с сервера (1.34 Mb) ] 13.06.2010, 11:11
    Help me someone beat this 17 level, in this game, please!, i tried beat this hard level
    about 150+ times!, and all without successful!, your help is very
    necessary for me!:

    Ok, this nice, very hard, logic game i want give for all, for help me beat level 17!, just download this file(1mb): - after extract to game, after run file name: "pce", in special window directory press directory: "LOAD ROM", after search directory with name: "Logic Game", and press directory with name game: "TIMEBALL", after when game will load, press buttons: "F5-F7", for load my last level 17, for save game use buttons: "F1-F4".

    For control in this game use buttons on your keyboard, arrows: "UP, Down, Left, Right" - for move mouse, and buttons: "Z"- For move box, too if press and hold button: "Z", then ball will stand, "X" - For Turbo move, Button: "Spacebar" - for retry level, or back to main menu of the game, button: "Enter", for the pause in the game... .

    If someone will beat this hard, 17 level, just posing here Screen Shoot, or sent Screen Shoot on my e-mail: , or make your video on YouTube, please!, for info, about steps, final time, moves, scores, etc, it is very, very interested for me, who possible beat this super, hard level!?

    Good Luck!

    P.S.: If someone need other games, from this platform("pce"), from , just say me number of this game, i will sent to you this game, they all have maximum size, only: 100-200+ Kb!... .

    For example i possible beat level 1, in 2 steps!:

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